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We Provide a Culture of Innovation

To keep up with the pace of changing technology and succeed, no organization can rest on its laurels or advance with business-as-usual practices. Candidates are chosen to work at Dickens & Associates because they have talent and are innovators. 

Dickens & Associates is the place to be if you:

  • Enjoy developing and trying new ideas
  • Like working smarter rather than just harder
  • Prefer a family-oriented, flexible working environment
  • Have a sense of humor

We Hire Outstanding Ability

Our tremendous success wouldn't have been possible without our greatest asset: our people. Dickens & Associates' recognition of this vital fact is reflected in our philosophy of hiring talented individuals, not just employees.  At Dickens & Associates, we celebrate the fact that we have created an enthusiastic, friendly, values-oriented work environment.

Currently, our workload is such that we are looking to add more talent to our team.  If you have experience in the following professions, please send your resume to the address above or email to KBarnick@DickensAssociates.com.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Thank You for Your Interest in a Career at Dickens & Associates!

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