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Design and construction observation of
main computer center and building-wide technology systems.

Project Cost: $36,000,000
Completion Date: 1998

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Walt Disney's Feature Animation Studio
This four-story facility contains more than 225,000 SF and it is the most advanced center of its kind in the world. Dickens & Associates, Inc. designed all structured cabling distribution including a 5,000 square foot raised-floor main computer center, seven LAN rooms and both fiber and Category 5 Copper to the more than 5,000 work station outlets.  In addition, the firm designed all clean power, HVAC, fire detection and alarm, water detection and alarm, VESDA smoke detecting system, and lighting for the main computer center.  More than 160 miles of Category 5 Copper and more than 66 miles of fiber optic cable are installed in this building.

Walt Disney's Feature Animation Studio

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